Welcome to a new schooling experience, where there are no limits to your child’s dreams. A school that understands what you desire for your child and goes beyond books to offer a learning experience like never before.

We follow the CBSE Curriculum with the Montessori & Elementary Method of AMI (Association of Montessori International)

Education – as it should be. It is bold. It breaks the mould. It is flexible, creative, challenging, and complex. It addresses a rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. It aims to develop a culture where the students are actively engaged in the learning process. It embraces the concept of active classrooms in which students engage with each other and with students in other classrooms, so their perspective of their world broadens and they grow to be valued members of society.

We believe that you are never too young to make your voice heard and create change that makes the world a better place. The correct guidance at a young age can be a life-changing force. Taking a step in this direction, we strive to provide a supportive culture that promotes innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

A 21st century system explicitly promotes a culture of high expectations, respect, collaboration, and shared accountability.

About our teachers

Textbooks guide us on what we need to know. KGTIS provides answers for what a child wants to know.

Field trips, educational tours to industrial centres, essential workshops for all ages (from playing with building blocks to repairing a bicycle to assembling a computer), lecture-demonstrations by prominent artistes (fine arts / performing arts), interactive sessions with renowned professionals (to learn more about career options), film screenings to add more fun to a working week (from Sound of Music to Happy Feet)... we’re always thinking on what more we can add to this list!

Strategy of Education

At KGT International School (KGTIS), we live by this principle. We know the importance of encouraging a child to stride ahead – whether it’s studies, sports or activity.

Simply imparting knowledge from prescribed books is never going to satisfy a child’s curiosity and thirst for information.

We go the extra mile to encourage students to learn – by seeing, reading, exploring, questioning and experimenting.

Programs for Student

What is inside the TV? Can I wash my computer? How does an aeroplane fly? How was I born? The questions are too many and too varied to be listed – but the gist is: children will always be curious.

Their education need not be merely in the form of answers to specific questions. It can, in fact, be a series of questions itself – arising out of sheer curiosity – and the answers to those questions can be a fun learning process.

Ask our teachers. They’ll tell you how their teacher training programs have helped them find innovative ways to find answers for their class.

Annual Day Function