From the Principal's Desk

“The Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”
-John Scully

Every dream that manifests itself into success is first a vision that is often ignored and criticized as an impossible one by others. Only a visionary who has the alacrity and unflagging determination, is able to turn that into a reality.

Things may not be easy, the journey may be arduous, but the fruit of success makes the toil worthwhile. The success lies in the dream you nurture. The dreams do not imply that one builds Castles in the air. The true satisfaction and enjoyment of success can only be attained with a definite goal at the onset of the labour.

One must have a specific well defined aim to persue a dream. To fulfill you must therefore know very clearly what you aspire for. Before making others believe in your dream, you have to believe in it yourself with an invincible faith. Once that is attained, all that remains is to pursue it with complete and honest dedication. Follow your dreams, but before you do that, introspect whether what you aspire for is really what you want.

Do not make a life based on borrowed dreams. Make sure that dream are yours.