From the Trustee's Desk

An eminent professional, educationist and nationalist, Mrs. Gunnita Malhotra has gained a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work he has done in her career. She raise to prominence in such a short span can be attributed to herstrong will power, calibre, conviction, dedication and leadership quality.

Mrs. Gunnita Malhotra is an educationist and an authority in child development. She loves children immensely; her heart is always with children. She is passionate about the methods of teaching which give opportunity to the child to learn on its own pace in the child friendly environment. She does not run the school as profession but as a passion to impart quality learning to the children. She gets immense happiness by seeing the children learning through the latest techniques and teaching aids available which she arranges from all over the world. Her vision is to impart education with new teaching methods, which help in quick learning with fun with lasting impact. She trains the teachers to organise a new unique activity everyday, which reinforces the children to learn numbers or alphabets etc. in most interesting manner. She loves to observe the children decoding puzzles, arranging building blocks and solving maths problems with abacus. She runs the school to impart quality education and care to the children not as a profession but as a passion. To give personalized attention to each child she limits the the no. of children in the class. She spends lot of time with teachers and parents after school and shares insights about each child.

According to her education is in fact the satisfaction of sheer curiosity of a child’s mind and the answers should be an outcome to the questions, which ought to be useful and enjoyable learning experience for them.

Mrs. Gunnita Malhotra has made a distinct contribution to modernizing and revitalizing the existing education system that had lost its vigour and become rusted over time. Her name should feature at the top for reinvigorating our education system as well as for offering modern but value-based education to the young generation.

She is of the view that in order to educate the young generation in the present scenario, the education providers (teachers) should also be regularly updated, trained and motivated. Only then, there is a possibility to convert the young generation into responsible, confident and self-reliant youth of the country.

Therefore, she has developed a new mechanism to train children the teachers in his institutions on a regular basis. Heridea is that teachers should become mentors to their students. Mentors refer to such personalities who stand apart from the rest by virtue of their deeds and achievements, so that students are pepped up by looking up to their mentors and their stupendous feats. However, mentors not only leave their lasting footprints on the making of a society but also, and more importantly, inspire others to follow their example and attain bigger goals for the common good of humankind. Therefore, he has developed counselling/mentoring system in his Educational Institutions.

An Answer to Today's Education Crisis

In response to the crisis in today's mainstream education system, there is global interest in redesigning the standard education model. The goal is to better prepare students for the challenges they face today and will face tomorrow: in college, in the workplace and in life. Trends in education today, such as project based learning, individualized learning plans and developing soft skills, are now highly desired formats that foster creativity and personal skills with greater career-readiness outcomes. These instructional approaches have been successfully integrated world-wide in the Montessori approach to education for over 100 years and Sought after globally. Will KGT International school programme continue to share information, host intensive programs for educators, and with the success of this campaign, will offer one of the world's first fully realized Montessori schools from birth through 18 years. The vast potential benefits of this endeavor will impact education for students locally, nationally and globally. KGT international school programme is a pioneer in adolescent education, opening one of the worlds’s first fully realized adolescent programs that most closely replicate Dr. Maria Montessori's Vision of a cognitive component on a working with hands.

A World Destination Programme

Educators from all over the world have replicated programs or modeled their schools after KGT International school programme. In addition to ad hoc visits from educators to both campuses, for the past 12 years KGT International school programme hosts the annual AMI (Association Montessori International) Montessori orientation to adolescent studies. Waiting lists are common for the 60 seats. In 2016 100% of students completing the program have gone on to pursue life careers. 92% attend college or professional programs at medical CCA the other 8% excel in their chosen careers such as chefs, race car engineers and professions in the arts.

Parent Awareness Program

KGT International School program has developed a very effective and popular outreach to parents of newborns which fosters and supports healthy attachments through High quality Montessori programs for infants, toddlers, preschool and elementary-aged children. The school provides a seamless response to the developmental continuum of a student's needs as they grow.

Our Mission

Grounded in the tradition of Dr Maria Montessori, KGT International School Programme fosters personal and academic growth, independence, confidence, responsibility and joyful. Lifelong learning in carefully prepared learning environments for children from birth to 18 years. "Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world".